Our Religious School

  •  Our religious school meets on Sunday mornings only and is packed with activities and learning opportunities that inspire our students.
  • The goal of our religious school is to inspire students to care, question, and think deeply about Judaism, the Jewish community and their own personal Jewish identity. We accomplish this not only by providing courses in ethics, Jewish history, holidays, God, Torah, Israel, and more but also by encouraging and guiding our students to explore the meaning and relevance of these diverse topics as the apply to the Jewish community, the world, and themselves.
  • Judaism can be be wonderfully relevant in the 21st century, and at Shir Hadash we embrace the challenge and fun that comes with learning how to apply the wisdom of our tradition, both ancient and modern, to the here, the now, and the future.
  • Many of our teachers are professional educators, and their diverse backgrounds and experiences enrich our learning environment. The incorporation of the arts (visual arts, music, drama, and dance) into all aspects of our program reflects the importance the school and community place on art as an avenue to learning and Jewish expression. Our students also enjoy weekly access to Rabbi Eitan Weiner-Kaplow and Education Director Geoffey Prass.
  • We understand that each child has a unique set of strengths and interests. We welcome and embrace that uniqueness and cherish the gifts that each student and family brings to our community and our school.
  • Many of our former students go on to become madrichim (teaching assistants) at our religious school when they graduate.
  • Post-b’nai mitzvah students study with Rabbi Eitan Weiner-Kaplow.
  • Our school works because of the relationships we foster between families, teachers, Geoff, and Rabbi Eitan.

Want more information about our religious school? Please contact Education Director Geoffey Prass at (847) 498-8218 or geoff@shir-hadash.org.

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