B’nai Mitzvah

At Shir Hadash, becoming a bar or bat mitzvah is the opportunity for our students to demonstrate their ability to take on the responsibility of community leadership.  At Shir Hadash, each bar or bat mitzvah ceremony is unique and personalized according to the skills, interests, learning styles, talents, and abilities of the individual student.

Bar/bat mitzvah services are open to the Shir Hadash community and can be held at our synagogue or at a location selected by the family, with the approval of the Rabbi. Young persons come before the congregation after several years of Jewish study and special preparation to take their places as new leaders of the Jewish community. This preparation includes learning a Torah and Haftorah portion, attending a requisite number of other b’nai mitzvah services, and completing a special mitzvah project.

 The Rabbi schedules all b’nai mitzvah services at Shir Hadash. Families must be members to have a bar/bat mitzvah at the synagogue.  Bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies are also possible for adults and older teenagers.

Shir Hadash is pleased to provide a complimentary recording of each bar or bat mitzvah service to the family.


Shir Hadash Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guidelines: A Family Handbook

Shir Hadash Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation Packet (includes Bar/Bat Mitzvah Worksheet, Service Attendance Form, Guidelines for Photography and Video Recording, Responsibilities and Duties of Ushers, Sample Service Outline, Presentation of Tallit, Parent’s Prayer for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Torah Blessings, What to Say to Your Child on the Bimah, Mitzvah Project Hot Sheet, and D’var Torah Outline)

Bart/Bat Mitzvah Tutor List

Shir Hadash Prayer Card 5775


Holding a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at Shir Hadash

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