CLICK HERE to find out more about our “Give a Bissele…Give a Lot” campaign, which allows you to direct your donation to the program or project dearest to your heart.

You can also donate directly to one of our funds (listed and described below). To donate to a fund, CLICK HERE. Click on the “Type” drop down menu and a list of funds will come up.

If you prefer to donate by check, you can send it to Shir Hadash Synagogue, 200 W. Dundee Road, Wheeling, IL 60090, with a note indicating the name of the fund and if it is in somebody’s honor or memory.

General Fund

Donations to this fund are used to offset consideration provided to members and offer special assistance to families in need. These contributions can be used to strengthen existing programs (Shabbat Services & Onegs) and underwrite free programs like Adult Education, Rabbi’s Lunch & Learn.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Over the years, the number of people aided by this fund has reached the hundreds. They include fellow congregants; homeless individuals and families; disaster victims locally, in Israel, and various social causes and institutions that are devoted to an inclusive vision inspired by our Jewish values.Donations may be made to commemorate joyous occasions, or in response to troubles or sorrow. All are acknowledged in writing by our staff and rabbi. When donations are given in someone’s honor, that person is also informed.

Building Fund

The building fund provides funds for upkeep, maintenance, and improvements to our building.

Educational Fund

Donations to this fund help us underwrite programs for special needs students, allows us to purchase media and explore new training materials. We are also looking to upgrade technology used to support and deliver programming for students. There are additional art supplies and creative aids to further expand the ways we reach students. We are also planning to enhance the Hebrew Lab and we also want to provide refreshments for the teachers, Madrichim, room parents, and for the Kolit.

Music & Arts Fund

Donations will help underwrite the future performances by our Kolit and Lahakah, develop new music, purchase existing music, support expanded music offerings in our education program and build on our existing repertoire of dance and creative performance.