Our Approach

Untitled 8Welcome to Shir Hadash, which in Hebrew means A New Song. Shir Hadash is an active and dynamic Reconstructionist congregation serving the Jewish community in the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago. We have a great deal to offer you and your family.

Our wonderful rabbi, Eitan Weiner-Kaplow, brings meaning and music to every Shabbat service, bar or bat mitzvah, lifecycle event, and Sunday School service. Our Friday night services offer innovative and fun themes—Lights & Miracles on Hanukkah, and The Little Mermaydel on Purim, to name a few.

Our Sunday School features a well developed curriculum, caring teachers, and special events. Pre-kindergarten through seventh grade classes meet once a week, on Sunday mornings. The curriculum includes the study of Torah, prayer, holidays, the arts, history, culture, ethics, and Hebrew. Music and dance are interwoven into Sunday School as well as our services.

One of the things that we do best is keep our teens active and engaged after their b’nai mitzvah. Our Madrichim program encourages teens to assist in our Sunday School classrooms. Our Havayah class allows teens continue to learn about Judaism in a relaxed setting. Our youth group lets our teens socialize with their friends.

Shir Hadash also has a great deal to offer socially–MOSH (Men of Shir Hadash) meets monthly, our book group meets regularly, we hold relaxed Havdalah services, and there are all kinds of other social outings to keep you engaged in our community.

The core values of Shir Hadash are:

  1. Kedusha (Holiness): Pursuing spirituality in our lives
  2. Hochma (Wisdom): Enriching Jewish life through the study of Jewish sacred texts, history,
  3. language, literature and civilization
  4. Kehilla (Community): Connecting students and parents together in a caring and sharing larger Jewish “family”
  5. Derech Eretz (Thoughtfulness): Being a mensch; behaving with kindness, compassion, respect, dignity and sensitivity
  6. Tikkun Olam (Healing the World): Improving the lives of others, the environment and the world around us
  7. Hidur Mitzvah (Beauty): Elevating life, worship and learning through the creative arts
  8. Ahavat Yisrael (Love of Israel): Supporting and visiting Israel – the homeland of the Jewish People