Our Education Director

Geoffrey Prass joined Shir Hadash in 2015 as our Executive Director. In the summer of 2017, he became our joint Director of Education and Executive Director. Currently, he is one of only a handful in the country serving in this specific dual role capacity. He holds a joint degree in Jewish Studies and Studio Arts from the University of Minnesota. While living in Los Angeles, he continued his education at Hebrew Union College where he received a Certificate in Synagogue Management.

During his 20+ years in synagogue life and Jewish Education, Geoff has served in a variety of roles, including; Director of Education at Congregation Solel in Highland Park, Religious Principal at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, Director of Informal Education at Bet Shalom Congregation in Minnesota. He has also spent a number of summers at Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute and Herzl Camp in Wisconsin both as a staff member and faculty member. He is involved locally and nationally in both the ARJE (formerly National Association of Temple Educators) and NATA (National Association of Temple Administrators).

During his career, Geoff has shown great ability to connect with young people from pre-schoolers to teenagers and to facilitate fun for the kids while they learn about Judaism and perform Tikkun Olam. At the same time, Geoff recognizes the importance of bringing parents into both the school and congregational life helping form a strong community. In addition to these most important strengths, Geoff’s administrative skills and attention to detail will help schools run smoothly.

Throughout his entire career, one belief has guided Geoff’s educational philosophy: Experiential education lies at the core of any effective classroom.  We must not just talk about Judaism, but experience our Judaism whenever and wherever possible.  He is passionate about informal education and finding ways for congregants interested in connecting to synagogue life and life-long learning.Geoff

He is the proud father of two children, Ruby and Milo and lives in Highland Park. While they are both under the age of 7, Geoff is confident that he has already instilled his commitment to education in both of his children.