Our Music Program

We have a fabulous music and arts program at Shir Hadash. Shir Hadash means “new song.” The congregational name reflects our philosophy that music enriches the spirit and gladdens the heart. Music adds hidur mitzvah (beauty) to our everyday and holiday worship. The music program at Shir Hadash is broad-based and we encourage participation by musicians at all levels. Music is part of the fabric that makes Shir Hadash a unique and joyous experience. The music is familiar and warm yet fresh and exciting. Compositions cover traditional songs and many new variations from the latest songwriters. We offer many ways to participate and enjoy the sounds of our music.

Music Director Marek Rachelski is a highly accomplished musician and a resourceful and multi-faceted leader with extensive experience in choral and orchestral preparation and performance.

We offer everything from chorus and orchestra to art and dance programs. In the last few years, we have begun branching out into theater and incorporated elements of dance and theater into our educational offerings as well as our High Holiday services. Students and adults are welcome to join our voice and participate in our programs at any time. We offer instruction and conduct regular practice sessions throughout the year to continually improve our performances. In addition, we are always adding to our growing repertoire of performance and artistic expression.