Madrichimot Program

Teens love us! Our innovative Madrichimot Program involves a greater percentage of teens than most synagogues around. Madrichimot are high school students who serve as teacher assistants in our religious school. 

Teens in grades 8-12 engage our Madrichimot Program. Madrich in Hebrew means “guide” and -imot is the gender inclusive plural suffix. Using our new, online format, teens will:

  • Connect Socially with Other Jewish Teens. Each teen will be assigned a chevruta/learning partner(s) that they will meet with throughout the year to study assigned materials together in preparation for group learning sessions. 

  • Mentor Younger Kids. Madrichimot will attend the Community T’filah/Prayer service each week and model engagement, attend scheduled learning sessions with a specific grade level, and be assigned a “buddy” to check in on each week. Madrichimot with the ability to decode and vocalize Hebrew text will have the opportunity to serve as a mentor in the Let’s Learn Hebrew Side By Side curriculum with 5th - 7th graders; Madrichimot with this skill set may choose to work with two or more students instead of attending a weekly Judaica session. 

  • Experience Jewish Learning and Identity Development. Madrichimot will participate in group learning sessions each month facilitated by our Education Director Rachel Goldberg. These sessions will center around relevant topics through a Jewish lens. Before each session, teens will be expected to arrange a meeting with their chevruta/learning partner(s) to look at and discuss assigned materials. 

  • Develop Early Professional Skills. Madrichimot develop early professional skills by taking on responsibilities that support the function of school, and learn to practice maturity and accountability. Specifically, madrichimot will track their own completion of these program components, and be guided to submit a monthly report outlining their work. Teens in grades 9-12 will be paid an honorarium, based on their own submissions for payment. 

Madrichimot are the religious school teachers of the future. Some of them will go off to college with letters of recommendation from our Education Director, which will open doors to working in synagogue schools during their college years and beyond. We are extremely proud to report that Shir Hadash has employed many former madrichimot as religious school teachers.