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Adult Education

Shir Hadash offers a full slate of learning opportunities for the adult community. Are you:

  • Not Jewish but interested in learning more about Judaism?

  • Thinking about converting to Judaism?

  • Thinking about furthering your Jewish knowledge?

  • Thinking about preparing for adult bar or bat mitzvah?


We offer a number of classes to meet your interests, including:

  • Living Judaism: Introduction to Jewish Spirituality & Civilization (Sunday Mornings)

  • Reconstructionism 101 (Sunday mornings)

  • Torah Study/Modern Jewish Philosophy (Sunday Mornings with Fred Andes)

  • Adult Hebrew Reading (Sunday mornings with Steve Lewin)

  • Hebrew Reading Crash Course

  • Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class

  • Mussar Study Group

  • Lunch and Learn with the Rabbi (Thursday afternoons with Rabbi Weiner-Kaplow)

  • Jewish Festivals for the Perplexed (During Religious School Family Education Days)

  • Shavuot Service and Study Evening

For more information, contact us at

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