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Interfaith Families

Are you looking for a synagogue where your Interfaith family will feel welcome and comfortable? Then Shir Hadash is the synagogue for you! Interfaith families are most welcome at Shir Hadash. For Jews and non-Jews alike, Shir Hadash is the community that “opens doors” to explore how Jewish wisdom, custom, and celebration can play a role in your life. Your children will enjoy learning how to be Jewish and being prepared for their b’nai mitzvah in our wonderful religious school, in an atmosphere that is respectful of other religious faiths.

We welcome non-Jewish partners to join in the complete Shir Hadash program from worship and study to celebration and leadership. Non-Jews are most welcome and encouraged to participate in virtually every aspect of our Shir Hadash worship services, except when taking on the few roles or leadership responsibilities that are unique to Jews. Interfaith couples share the same status as couples where both partners are Jewish. 

Bouquet of Flowers
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