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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: The Mission of Shir Hadash Reconstructionist Synagogue is to Inspire Meaningful and Contemporary Jewish Living.

Vision: The Vision of Shir Hadash Reconstructionist Synagogue is to become a fully functioning Reconstructionist Jewish community that is based upon Jewish spirituality, wisdom, values, folkways and traditions and advances them in our own lives and throughout the world.

Seven Core Values:

  • Holiness קדשה (kedusha): We explore and experience the transformative power of Jewish spirituality, worship, kavanah (intentionality) & holiness in our lives.

  • Wisdom חכמה (hochma): We enrich and empower our lives through the study of Jewish sacred texts, history, language, literature and civilization.

  • Community קהילה (kehillah): We connect all Shir Hadash members together in a caring and sharing extended Jewish ‘family;’ we joyfully volunteer our time, talents and resources to supporting and leading our Shir Hadash community, its activities and projects.        

  • Thoughtfulness דרך ארץ (derech eretz): We commit ourselves to mentschlichkeit - behaving with kindness, compassion, respect, dignity and sensitivity.

  • Healing the World תיקון עולם (tikun olam): We engage in the Jewish tradition of gemilut hassadim (social action) to improve the lives of others, the environment and the world around us.

  • Beauty הידור מצוה (hidur mitzvah): We elevate Jewish worship, learning, celebration and leadership through the creative arts and commitment to excellence.    

  • Love of Israel אהבת ישראל (ahavat yisrael): We reach out in solidarity to the Jewish community worldwide; we support the State of Israel and encourage our members to visit the homeland of the Jewish People.

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