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We are creative with our programming, with our education, and with our worship.

We don't just create experiences, we create memories!

"Friday services are never boring! Our kids lead services, we honor our b'nah mitzvah students, we allow our members to step forward and read Torah and participate in discussions and activities."

"There's a place for everyone to participate in performance (art, dance, music, singing, and improv events). We love the Coffee House Night events"

"I'll never forget our first High Holidays at Shir Hadash, when dancers performed an interpretive dance about the relationship between Sarah and Hagar. We were hooked!"

"We enrolled our daughter in the Education program a bit late (6th grade). It worked out great. Now SHE wants to join the Madrichim and help younger students with their journey."

"I always wanted to sing, but never had the opportunity. I came to Shir Hadash and I am now part of the choir." 

Lahaka 2
Dance on High Holidays
Hora in Sanctuary
High Holidays 3
Rabbi Eitan, Students and Torah
Family Services
Religious School 2
High Holidays shofar
Yom Tikkun Olam 2
Yom Tikkun Olam 3
On the Bima
Purim carnival 1
Coffee house night 2
Purim carnival 2
coffee house night 3
coffee house night 4
Purim carnival balloon man
coffee house night 5
coffee house night 6
coffee house night 7
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